You can reach us by phone 00220 703 5936 or 301 7711 also for Whatsapp or Viber


Facebook: kasumaylodge

Skype: kasumaylodge

Kasumay Lodge is in Kubuneh (Kubuni on Google Eart) 15 minutes’ drive from Banjul Airport. 25 minutes from Serekunda and 40 minutes from the Tourist area like Kotu or Kololi

If you come with your own car or own taxi it is the best to take the airport road to us. From the airport you go left at the mosq, after 100 meters go right, before the airport fence turn left to the bush road. After 4 km you enter Kobarico, after the mosq you hold on to the right. After 2 km you enter Makumbaja. At the T-junction turn left and directly right. After 2 kilometers you enter Galoya, on a Y junction hold on to the right. Follow the road for 4 km and you enter Kubuneh. After the water pump and a story building you will find our sign boards of Kasumay Lodge.

If you like to come with local bush taxi you have to go to the NTC garage in Lamin Village. From there you take the bush taxi to Kubuneh. Ask the driver to drop you at the T junction, follow the Kasumay Lodge sign boards, it is a 5 minutes’ walk.